Our Story

As avid concertgoers, we spend far too much time and money on secondary ticket marketplaces. Buyers, in search of a fair price, are forced to scour various channels hoping to stumble upon a ticket. Sellers, unsure of what buyers are willing to pay, continually adjust their prices in hopes of finding a buyer. The high fee structure of existing secondary marketplaces have led users to go to Facebook and Craiglist. While finding and connecting with users on these platforms seems to be the norm, it can also be time-consuming, frustrating, and risky.

Founding team member Matt learned all of this the hard way while trying to buy tickets for Grateful Dead’s Fare Thee Well reunion tour in Chicago. After coming up short buying tickets for the event, he finally realized how broken the secondary ticket market had become. Almost two years later, after countless similar instances, enough was enough. It was time to create our own solution.

As your concert ticket concierge, Agora provides fans with a more cost-effective and convenient solution to get tickets to events you want to go to. You can pay the current “Buy Now” price like existing secondary markets or make an offer and tell us how much you are willing to pay. Through our technology, broker relationships, and dedication to physically monitor every secondary ticket platform from Stubhub to Facebook, we can be sure that the moment tickets drop to your desired price, we’ll be there to scoop them up.

No more stressing over tickets, aimlessly searching for better prices, or paying too much. Agora is here to do all of the heavy lifting so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.