What cities does Agora operate in?

Agora currently operates in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will expand to more cities later this / early next year.

What type of events can I get tickets for?

Agora currently provides services for general admission music concerts.

Does Agora charge a fee?

Agora charges a 6% fee on Offers and Buy Now purchases. This is well below industry standards of 17 - 35%.

Where does Agora get the tickets?

Agora is not a broker. We do not buy tickets and resell them. Instead, we match fans with tickets we find through sellers on various channels.

What makes Agora different than other traditional ticket marketplaces?

As avid concert-goers ourselves, we understand the pains of buying and selling tickets. Agora was built with the intention to provide fans with the best price: the price YOU want to pay. Set a price and we'll do all the heavy lifting to get you the ticket. In the future, we will also allow fans to directly sell on the platform.

What are the benefits of placing an offer?

When you place an offer, Agora assumes the role as your ticket concierge so that you can go about your day. When a ticket drops to your price, we are there to buy it. We’ve built technology, established relationships with sellers, and employ ticket hunters to make sure that we have eyes everywhere.

Is placing an offer like placing a bid in an auction?

No, in an auction there is one item and one winner, the highest bidder. For each event on Agora, there are lots of tickets out there, so there can be lots of winners. The priority at any moment is given to the highest offer, but as we match offers with tickets, we move down the line and work to fulfill every offer.

Can I cancel my offer after I place it?

Yes, you may cancel or adjust your offer at any time. You can also set an expiration time for your offer to expire.

Why do I need to add my credit card when I place an offer?

Tickets are bought and sold very quickly. When we find tickets at your price, we need to make sure that we can act fast and buy them for you before anyone else has a chance.

Does Agora offer refunds or returns for tickets purchased?

Agora allows users to sell their purchased tickets to the highest current offer of the same event.

Is my credit card safe on Agora?

Agora does not store any credit card information. Instead, we use Stripe, one of the largest payment processors in the world so all of your data is secure!